Saturday, October 15, 2005

Maryland Madness

Are there any college basketball fans out there? Last night we were in College Park for the annual Midnight Madness festivities, although the NCAA changed the times this year. So, it became Maryland Madness instead. It's the first time that the college basketball teams can officially start practice. In years past, they could begin practice at midnight - this year it was 10 pm. It's always fun going to the Comcast Center. I love Maryland basketball and the whole ACC conference. Let the season begin. Hopefully, it will have a better ending than last season. Let's go, Terps!


Blogger carrie said...

I'M A HUGE TERP FAN! i went to the university of maryland and i loved loved loved midnight madness! and though i had graduated when they won, i actually cried. i don't know anything about the team this year yet.

11:28 AM  

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