Friday, September 02, 2005

In the news

It's been heartbreaking to follow the news out of New Orleans this week, but I can't seem to stop checking the news on tv or on the web for updates. I cannot even begin to comprehend what the people there are going through. I pray that things are starting to improve with more aid arriving there today and that those there have the strength to get through these difficult times. J.'s parents live in S. Florida, and they have been through several hurricanes, including Andrew, but nothing like Katrina. His father's aunt lives in New Orleans, and thankfully, she and her two daughters were able to get to Houston over the weekend.

On one of my bulletins boards, there's a thread about everyone needing to hear some good news, no matter how big or small, in light of all of the stuff happening in the news this week. It was nice reading people's good news stories. Here's a bit of what I posted:
My very best friend is moving back to the DC area in two weeks after living in California for 5 years.
I was just accepted into a manager development program at work.
And I have also finished the Deco Ribbon Cell Phone Bag!


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