Saturday, September 10, 2005

Booga Bag In Progress

Here's the Booga Bag in progress. So far, I've knit in the round for 23 times - 31 more rows to go. I love knitting with circular needles; it goes so fast, and I can sit mindlessly in front of the tv as I go. And this Cascade 220 yarn - I love it, love it! I bought 2 skeins of it, one is in a very pale pink. Maybe a Sophie bag is in my future?

In other news, can I tell you how impressed I was with the customer service at Sear's yesterday? J. went by to talk about the car problems. We were expecting that they would only reimburse us for the oil change, but they were so nice and cooperative. J. was ready to use his negotiating and persuasion skills, but he didn't need to at all. They reimbursed us for the expense of having to get the car repaired this week! Now I don't know if I will bring my car back there for an oil change since they messed up so awfully, but they gave great customer service yesterday. We were very satisfied with that. =)


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