Tuesday, August 23, 2005

This and That

My first ebay yarn purchase arrived yesterday. This is what I will be using for my Booga Bag. It's Cascade 220 in Savona Rose and Soft Pink. I love the colors. My short attention span is fully coming out as I do more knitting. I definitely like variety and get bored pretty quickly. Right now I am still working on the Big Bad Baby Blanket, one skein to go on that, and Branching Out, which is waiting for more yarn to arrive. I also just finished another Umbilical Cord Hat.
Here's the umbilical cord hat. This is my third one this summer. I've been on a roll with these. They are fun little projects, and they will go nicely with baby shower gifts. On Sunday, I have another shower to go to for a co-worker's daughter. This hat is done in Berroco Softwist in 7431. I love love this yarn; it feels so soft and just glides so easily off the needles. I originally bought this yarn to make my first scarf, which I did make, but I did it in stockinette so it completely rolled up on the sides. Last week, I frogged the whole thing, made the hat, and I think I will use the rest for matching booties from Simple Knits for Cherished Babies.
And this is Simon. He was wandering around this morning as I was taking the pictures of the hat and the yarn so I can't leave him out. What a stylish guy, huh? He knows he's handsome too (we tell him all of the time, of course).


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