Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Petal Dishcloth

I like making dishcloths since I am so new to knitting - I have found them to be quick and fun ways to practice different stitches and patterns. I have not actually used any as a dishcloth yet; I am still not totally convinced I would prefer this over a sponge, but they look pretty. For those of you who use them, do you like them better than sponges? I may have to give it a try yet.

I like this petal one I made from The Dishcloth Boutique the best so far. I used Berroco yarn for it. I have been using a few dishcloths to put my houseplants on so our furniture doesn't get wet when I water them (which usually happens) and so that no potting soil spills out either. Last night I started a feather and fan dishcloth from the same website with Sugar and Cream cotton yarn . I love that pattern, and I am thinking I would like to make a scarf with that same type of pattern. I love the lacy look, and it's a pretty easy pattern for a newbie like myself.

In other news, I can't believe that this morning I will be driving to Baltimore for the second time this week. This time for a meeting, not for fun like Sunday's trip to Camden Yards..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, I use them to wash dishes, swab the counters. When they lose some loft and aren't so good for dishes, they do tougher duties like cleaning the stove, sink and bathtub. I use them until they wear out. Colors fade fast with sturdy use, but the cloths do a good job until the end.
I also like to knit dishcloths for practice.

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