Friday, August 26, 2005

The Knitting Fairy Visited Me

I feel like it's Christmas. J.'s friend P. (well, I suppose I can say she's now my friend too) called me earlier this week to ask if I wanted some extra yarn she had. I said sure, expecting a couple of skeins. Boy, was I surprised! My stash multiplied, multiplied, and multiplied this morning, complete with yarn, patterns, and kits. So cool!! I am really excited. It was great fun to see all of her stash and the wonderful things she has created - I felt like a kid in a toy store. P. is one very talented fiber artist. This picture is of just a few of my favorites so far:
  • Crystal Palace Deco Ribbon Cell Phone Bag Kit
  • Mohair Shawl Kit with Leaf Farm's Mohair Boucle Yarn
  • Trendsetter's Eyelash Scarf Kit
  • Lacy Loops Mohair Scarf Kit from Kiparoo Farms
  • Zig Zag Scarf and Cap Pattern from Simple Knits with Lion's Branch Fisherman's Wool

Not only did I get knitting supplies, but P.'s husband also gave us free tickets to Sunday's Nationals game against the St. Louis Cardinals. They are great seats - we used the tickets on the Fourth of July too for the Nationals-Mets game.

And last but not least, a big congratulations to J. who just completed another Microsoft certification test and passed. He is now a Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator in Windows (I forget which version, sorry). Woohoo.


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