Thursday, July 28, 2005

Time for a new digital camera?

Well, J. sent an email to Kodak Tech Support about the problem with our digital camera. Every picture we take now shows a red line horizontally across the photo. Really annoying. Tech Support replied, but the person just wrote back that it sounded like it was in need of repair. Okay, we figured that. Not knowing if it's a major or minor repair, we have no idea how much it will cost to repair (anwhere from $125 and up!). If they can't repair it, they offer an option to exchange your camera for a factory refurbished model.

We may try to find a local place around here to better diagnose the problem and estimate the repair cost, but we were in Best Buy this weekend, and the cameras seem to have come down in price a lot. To be honest, I am lusting after a new camera. Time to do some research. We were pretty happy with this camera - it's very easy to use, and it did take decent pictures. We are starting to take more pictures recently as I have gotten into digital scrapbooking. I love the idea of digital scrapbooking; I work as a webmaster so it feels a lot like doing graphic design and layout, and it's a lot less expensive for me than paper scrapping.

Anyone have suggestions for a digital camera?


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